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Kamini Asrani   costumes & fancydress  designer

Dear Viewers,

I have been in this business of designing exquisite fancy dresses and costumes for children for their fancy dress competitions and school plays for over two decades.

My passion towards this business has grown because I sincerely love children and I like to see them happy. Believe me they get thrilled when they are dressed in spectacular costumes whereby they get an opportunity to visualize their fantasy land .
Invariably , with the school year coming to a close there is excitement in the air about the prize winners. This is followed by the thought of the annual plays . It is here that we step in .
We at Kaminis Creations specialize in designing and tailoring of play costumes . Whether you are in a submarine or deep sea diving we can create the underwater scene with the children dressed as Mermaids, Oysters, Octopi, Fishes, Whales, Sharks, Alligator ….. and as you emerge ashore we can transform your children dressed as Turtles and Crabs .
The timid lot have no fears for we have something for them too they could run around as Deers , Monkeys and fly around as multitudinous Birds ( Eagles, Parrots etc. ) of a variety of shapes, sizes and brilliant colours .

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